Attack on Pumkin Universe is a YTP Series Made in June 21, 2015.



It is a Beautiful day at Shiganshina District, Until the Pumkins were harvested and Runs around town Eating Others. Pumkins come and crashes Homes and eats the Homes. Eren realizes that everyone is getting eaten, so he gets his friends to attack the Pumkins. A Giant pumkin swallows him whole. Eren is in the Body with 1 person in there: Shrek. Eren Slices the Body and ends up slicing the pumkin.  The town is all Gone, but it's up to 4 Heroes to defeat the Pumkins. Eren Splits the Team and Goes with Green ProDuctions, Kirby, Thomas the Train, and Shrek. Mikasa goes with Percy the Train, Mickey and Minnie. Armin goes with Bowser Jr and Chef Pee Pee. Levi goes with James the red engine, Donkey, and Black Yoshi.

Episode 1

Bowser Jr begs to Armin that he wanted a Happy Meal. Armin refuses to give him a happy meal cause there's no food cause the Pumkins ate it. They spot a yee Dinosaur and fights the Dinosaur. After defeated, Bowser Jr still wants a Happy meal and ends up getting beat up by Armin. Armin goes to McDonalds to order the Happy Meal, but he eats the Happy Meal and the Toy. Bowser comes and Punishes Armin and ends up playing Trains with Bowser and Chef Pee Pee. With Eren, Eren goes to gay club where the Splash Free Guys are. Kirby said that there were gay guys here. 


  • Intro: Based off of Splash Free.
  • Released date: June 21, 2015


Main Characters

} indicates as the Good Guys. ] indicatesa as Bad Guys

  • Eren Yeager}
  • Mikasa Ackerman}
  • Hungry Pumkin]
  • Other Pumkins]
  • Bowser Jr}
  • Chef Pee Pee}
  • Judge Frollo]
  • Thomas the Train}
  • Percy the Small Engine}
  • Shrek}
  • Yee]

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