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VideoGameCartoonPolice (VGCP for short) is a Bad group.
Videogamecartoonpolice logo by epicawesomeguy8403-d61tiw3


The Channel created the VGCP to stop the UTTP. So Many GoAnimaters such as Alex Kimble, Pixar99swell, and Others started Joining the VGCP and Hatred of Baby Shows. TheCollosalD Disagreed with the VGCP. Tigrus879 thought that GoAnimate was Happy, Now its a Battle against VGCP and UTTP like it was WWII. Now, it is a Battlefield on the Internet. 

Many believe that VGCP is Cool, But it is Like trolling. They like ranting on Baby Shows such as Barney, Dora, Noddy, Telletubbies, and more respects Opinions. Happily, Green ProDuctions made a Rant on it. But many Disliked it. They even Act like Babies and throw Tantrums in the Comments and put CAPS on to rage on users. They threaten users to kill themselves or close your accounts.

Bad Clubs

  • TPNG- The Pedophile Now Gay
  • OWN- Okay, Work now
  • SFTB- &%*! !*@# The ^!?@$
  • DHA- Dick Haters Agency

They are even Ready to fuck some Men. Optimus500050, TheCollosalD, and Green ProDuctions Universe disagrees with it.

List of Users in that Club

The Real Members of the VGCP, TPNG, OWN, SFTB, and DHA

  • PeterGriffin99swell VGCP
  • Alex Kimble TPNG OWN SFTB VGCP
  • GeneralMandible Yes SkylerHawkins No VGCP
  • Taylor the Hayniac VGCP TPNG OWN
  • Mysia Smiles VGCP OWN
  • Caleb The Animator VGCP
  • PenguinsofMadagascarRocks2014 VGCP
  • SpaceyComedian2000Pro334 SFTB TPNG OWN VGCP
  • PeterGriffinYes GiantChickenNo VGCP
  • Officer Mario
  • Officer Duck2013
  • Josh Davidson VGCP
  • Brian Noller
  • Devious Diesel VGCP


  • Many USers are leaving the VGCP to remove the YouTube Crisis