USB JII are Little Usb people who Smokes and try to kill themselves.

I'm Ready to Rape You!


He acts like a Rapist to rape some Women. He can be mean to some people and If he Rages, he will open his Fire mouth and Burn You. If he's Happy, He will smoke Cigarettes.


He is a Pink USB who acts like a Rapist and is in Love with Coyle from Cod AW. He smokes everyday.

Super Smash bros 5

He appears as a Japanese DLC and North America/Europe Buyable Character. He can change to Blue, Yellow, White, and Black.


  • His own alphabet is A B C D E F JII... JII JII JII, O P Q R S T USB USB USB USB!
  • He is Known as "Manticore Bot" in the ATLAS.
  • It is unknown if there is a Red and Green one.
  • He and Shockers are the Only Japanese People in this Wiki