The Marvelous Misadventures of The Angry German Kid is another Series


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Angry German Kid goes to School Leopold goes to a Schools and Gets Suspended

Angry German kid takes the Dumb Quiz

Leopold Fails the Dumb Quiz:

Question Leopolds Anwser Right anwser
9+10 21 19
Who Discovered America Captain America Christopher Colombus
Who created Sqeegee Duh... Sasha Fokin Weegee and Meegee
Who framed Roger Rabbit? Green ProDuctions People
1+1 11 2

AGK Meets Shrek

Leopold gets scared of Shrek

AGK Goes to the Past

Leopold gets Lost and a Bunch of his Friends catches him and goes back 4000 Years Ago


  • The episode Starts on Episode 5, Not 1 due to getting account Terminated

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