The Green ProDuctions Show is a Show created back in 2013, but was abandoned 2014.


Homer Simpson, Mario, Thomas the Train, and Greg Heffley goes into a portal and ends up in a Wacky World. They call their friends to save them until they got into a wacky world

Main Characters

Homer Simpson

One of the 4 Main Chaacters of the Green ProDuctions SHow. Homer is a Donut eater and Married to Marge Simpson. Homer was the 1st Character to Appear


Mario is also one of the Main Characters of the Series. Mario is a Plumber with his Brother Luigi  He is Married to Rosalina (since Episode 2).

Thomas the Train

Thomas is a Tank engine from Sodor. He is also a main character of the Series. He carries his two faithful Coaches around Sodor.

Greg Heffley


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