The Airline is the 1st episode of the Bob Unit series.

The Airline
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date TBA May
Written by Green ProDuctions
Directed by Green ProDuctions
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N/A Bob Unit 649's Birthday


Bob Unit 1 is watching South Park until His Little Sister wanted to watch My little Pony. But Bob Unit 1 Said No, so Grace Went to her mother and told her that Bubby didn't Share. So the Mothe went to the TV and Switched Bob Unit 1 Argued with her. At dinner Bob Unit 1 Asked whats for Dinner and Bob Unit 0 said it was Chips the bob Units Cheered. At 2:00 am, Bob Unit 1 realized that Summer is Coming and Bob Unit 1 was Going to his Cousin's House for Surfing, but he realized that he Had his mothers Chores to Do. The Next Day Bob Unit 0 Got Bob Unit 1 a Chef so Bob Unit 1 didn't do Work. Bob Unit 2 said that he had a Baseball Game with Red, Darwin, Toad, Yoshi, Orange Sticky, and Pikachu. Bob Unit 3 had a Basketball Game with Gumball, Felix, Bob Unit 4, 5, Stewie, and Greg. Bob Unit 1 Had nothing to do so he went Shopping with Green ProDuctions at The Ultimate Mall .



  • This Episode Reveals that Bob Unit 2, 3, 4, and 5 are in Sports