Looking for the Quints? Here it is: The 5 Bob Units

The 5 Bob Units is a american Youtube Show Made by Green ProDuctions. It will be Released in May 2015 at Green ProDuctions Universe.
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The Bob units


The Bob Units are a 2013 Classic that involves with 5 of the Bob Units. They go on a Epic Adventure on almost every episode.

Early Concepts

There were Early Designs of The Bob Units at December 2013.

Here are some examples

  • The bob Units were Named Gorge, Harild, Pick, Lick, and Bob
  • They were then Named Bobby, Bobbi, Bobbe, Bobbie, and Bobbey, but they were to Confusing to Know which is Which
  • Finn and Jake were in the Show, But was Replaced by Felix the Cat and Pingu.
  • Bob Unit 5 was a Bit Smaller
  • Bob Unit 1 was original Mascot of GPD Universe, But the 5 are the Mascots.
  • Bob Unit 2 Didn't had Glasses.
  • Bob unit 3 had 4 Sharp Fangs
  • Bob unit 4's Stitch is in the Left

Main Characters

Bob Unit 1

The Oldest and the Cleverest of all the Bob Units. He isn't involved in sports and Works in a Hot Dog Stand in Town.

Bob Unit 2

The 2nd Oldest and the Wisest of all Bob Units. He is Involved with Studying for a Big test and Skipped 2 Grades.

Bob Unit 3

The Sharp eater and the Mecanics of the Bob Units. He is Involve with Building Aircrafts and Engines.

Bob Unit 4

The Shortest and the Digger of the Bob Units. He is involve with Selling Jeff's Stuff

Bob Unit 5

The Youngest and the Widest of the Bob Units. He likes to eat Chips with Rocky and Taking a Walk around Town. He would Ride a Wagon sometimes.


Being the Pet of the House, He is also Life Size and would Eat Chips with Bob Unit 5.


The Spoiled Brat of the Family. He would ask for anything when his Father Says no all the Time.


A 4 Year Old who has his own Army with his Fellow Brothers and Rides a Horse around Town Everytime.


They can be found in each Page.