The 5 Bob units are Quints and Protagonist of the Series. They all are Different Ages


There are colorful Tubbies And Quints. They all survived birth by hearing Dubstep Music (As it was revealed by Bob Unit 0). Their Parents is an Irish father, a Vietnamese mother and a Fillipino Grampa. They have 16 Tubby brothers, 1 step brother, and 2 Step Sisters. Each has a Birthstone.


  • Bob Unit 1 ​- 12- Bob Unit 1 is the 2nd Tallest. Weight: 115 Pounds (Birthday: October 11, 2002)

Meaning Bob unit 1/2 is Opal for Birthstones.

  • Bob Unit 2 - 12- Bob Unit 2 is the 3rd Shortest: Weight: 100 Pounds (Birthday is same as #1)
  • Bob Unit 3 - 12 He is the 4 Shortest. Weight: 89 Pounds (Birthday: December 21, 2002)

Meaning he is Blue Topaz

  • Bob Unit 4 - 11 He is the Shortest. Weight: Same as Bob Unit 3 (Birthday: Febuary 6, 2003)
  • Bob Unit 5 - 10 He is the Tallest. Weight: 109 Pounds (Birthday: March 23, 2004)


Bob Unit 0

The Father of the Family who likes the Bob Units no Matter what.

The Mother

Their mother Doesn't improve on the Bob Units cause they don't play with Jeff


A Spoiled Crybaby who just ask for everything. HE failed a Grade and is in the Same grade as Bob Unit 2.

Little Tykes

The Little Tykes are The Bob Units Small Brothers.

Red Yellow Blue Green (White)
Clyde Tyke Blu Jack
George Byke Blade Mac
Jon Duke Han James
Jimmy Spike Harold


Bold indicates as the Leader


Grace is also a Spoiled brat what tells her mother that Bob unit 1/3 isn't Sharing

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe is a Irish Japanese Tubby who Buys the Bob Units McDonalds anytime for Dinner. He is somewhat 40. He is also the Father of Bob Unit 649.

Bob Unit 649

A Young Fellow who has a Big Pond in his Yard ald goes Swimming with the Fishies. His Father and Mother are Irish and Japanese


  • They all had Skipped a Grade, Bob unit 2 has Skipped 2 Grades (He skipped Kindergarten, and 5th Grade). so there currently in 7th Grade, meaning there supposed to be in 6th grade/5th Grade.
  • Bob Unit 1 is the Heaviest, by being 115 Pounds, orriginally Bob Unit 5, cause if He was 115 Pounds, he will die for Obesity.
  • They are Part Japanese for their Grampa being Irish/Japanese
  • They all has issues when they were Young (Like Example: Bob Unit 1 and 4 Getting Stiches from a Car Accident from Jeff, Bob unit 2 Staring at TV too Much, Bob Unit 3 having to Drink Blood when It's Haloween, and Bob Unit 5 eating too Much).