The 11th Millennium is a Summer 2015 Video made by Green ProDuctions


Bub Unit 1 and 2 are playing Hide and Seek and Everytime Bob Unit 2 finds Bob Unit 1. So Bob Unit 1  Hid and Bob Unit 2 can't find Him. Bob Unit 1 thinks what will Happen... 

10000 Years Later

Bob Unit 1 has grown a fake Beard and Bob Unit 2's Son finds him. Bob Unit 1 was going to tell this to the Guiness World Record, but then realize people were going to think it was Fake. Bob Unit 2 is seen Playing the Nintendo Wii X. He tells Bob Unit 1 that he got:

  • Married
  • Became the Richest Man by Making the New Air Tech Laptops
  • Was in Star Wars 21: The Emporer Strikes Back
  • Got the Lamborgini X

Bob Unit 1 Said that he grew a Beard and Bob unit 2 didn't find Him. But 1 Brang Rocky with him. so they took a Jetpack Ride around Town. Then Rocky Finds the Countdown Clock for the End of the World. It was: 00:01:34:21 left for the sun to turn to the Red Giant Phase. So the 3 Paniced that the end is Near. 


The 3 Boys went to a Cafe and then ask for some coffee and finds Tech Kirby and Tech Green ProDuctions. Green ProDuctions mentions that Bob Unit 1 was gone for 100 Centuries and it is nearly the Tron Force Years, and if thats near, We all Fight for the Death at a Tournament. But if the Giant Phase comes, We all Die.


The world was coming to an end, at 1 Second left, a Shadow came and it was Just Rocky at 2015, They were just Playing with Toys.


  • Bob Unit 1
  • Bob Unit 2
  • Rocky
  • Tech-Kirby
  • Tech-Green ProDuctions