Suicide Mousenee is a Fakenee and a Suicide Mousegee.
Suicide Mousenee

His brothers are Suicide Mouseaylleo and Suicide Mouseweewee.

His father is Suicide Mousefatran.

He is friends with Suicide Mousegee, Suicide Mousealleo, Squidward's suicidegee, Mickeygee, Veedee, Jareegee, Roballeo, and Weenee.

When he drinks blood, he becomes invincible.

He hates Girrafgee a lot.


  • Suicide Mousegee
  • Squidward's suicidegee
  • Suicide Mousealleo
  • Veedee
  • Jareegee
  • Roballeo
  • Weenee
  • Mickeygee


  • Girrafgee