Suicide mousegee is a fakegee that watched the whole Suicide mouse.

He hates Giraffegee a lot.

He found the Suicide mouse tape and cloned it and returned the Suicide mouse tape back to the place where- he found it.

He accidentally swallowed the Suicide mouse clone tape and became black and white.

He also got red mist eyes.

Most people call him Suicide mousegee.avi.

His best friend is Squidward's suicidegee.


  • Squidward's suicidegee
  • Smile.jpgee
  • The person at the last seven seconds of Suicide mousegee
  • Mickeygee
  • Dolan
  • Gooby
  • Bogs
  • Spoderman
  • Morky maus
  • Weegalltradolan


  • Weegee
  • Malleo
  • Meegee
  • Sqeegee
  • Super Sqeegee
  • Dark Sqeegee
  • Fire Sqeegee
  • Metal Sqeegee
  • Final Sqeegee
  • Hyper Sqeegee
  • Demon Sqeegee
  • Infinity Sqeegee
  • Gold Sqeegee
  • All of Sqeegee's other forms
  • Giraffegee
  • Mickey mouse