Stocking Anarchy (ストッキングアナーキー japanese)is Panty Anarchy's Sister.




She is Intelligent and not that horny. She is even a Goth


She isn't that Horny when it comes to Love interest's. 

Super Smash Bros X

In Super Smash Bros X, She and Panty are Duo (Like Gumball and Darwin) and to Swap them both, you Press Down B. Their Final Smash is their Evolution and it is Censored due to having a Pronographic Scene

Magic Felix the Movie

She and Panty appeared in Day 2 where the Bag was Stolen.


Black Yoshi , Bowser, Chef Pee Pee, Frollo, Toad, Mario, Angry birds, Star Butterfly, 


Cody, Bowser Jr, Joseph, Shrek, Woody, Mickey Mouse



Black Yoshi

She and Black Yoshi really good Friends.


She and Woody are Enemies cause Woody fell down to the Pan Fryer. when Catching a Shrimpo.

Bowser Jr

She hates Bowser Jr cause Bowser Jr threw a Tantrum over Cereal and begging it to her.


  • She is reffered as "Boring" from TheCollosalD's Rant and The YTP: Stinky and Boring with Black Yoshi

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