Stinky and Boring with Bowser Jr and Black Yoshi
Created By
Green ProDuctions
Released Date
TBA August 2015
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This is the 5th installment of the S&BWBY


At Shrek's Massive Crap, Emily and Duck were there playing with Guns and Shooting each other (A Logo of Toy story Floats Around, Star is also looking at this when they Shoot each other). Syndrome is walking in the streets, but gets ran over by Thomas. Black Yoshi Take's Junior and Flushes Him.  


Thomas, Mario, Shrek, The Birds, Star, Marco, and Syndrome is more likely to appear


  • Requiem for a Dream- Clint Mansel (the part where Emily and Duck appears in Shrek's Bathroom and Toy story Logo Floats Around)
  • OFortuna (The Part where Black Yoshi Flushes Junior down the Toilet.


  • The part where Emily and Duck shoots eachother is a reference to SiNN3D Tragedy's part (Mordecai and Finn Shoots eachother with MLP logo floatin around and a Kid from EEnE dancin). This could be Founed in SiNN3D Tragedy's Video, Ed Rises.

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