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H'ello am Spoderman'
Spoderman needs biches 2 fuk with. He has Sweg. His Speakonia voice is American high Pitch

Theme song W/Lyrics

Spoderman, Spoderman

Dus whatevr a spoder can

Fapz at web, any size Catchs shit just lik fliez

Look owt! Here comes the spoderman!

Iz he strung?

Listen bud

Hez got radioactiv blud Can he swing from a thred?

Take a look ovrhed Hey there!

There goez te spoderman

In the chilled night

At te scene of a cryme

Lik a strik of light

He arrivz jus in time Spoderman,


Frenly neighbarhood spoderman Welth and Fame -

hez ignord Actin iz hiz reward To him Laif is a gr8 big bang-up—

Whenever there's a hang-up,

You'll find the Spoderman!


  • He needs biches to fuk with.