Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!- Shocker #7734 もっと...日清麺!- Shocker Leader

Shockers are these Japanese People in Black Suits



King Dedede once Hired these Shockers since Waddle Dees got bored of just them, so King Dedede Saw a Commercial of Shockers and Hired Them.


  • There were supposed to be in the SSB5 intro, but couldn't find a Video
  • There main Intro is Renai Revolution 21, which makes King DeDeDe tell them to Fuck Off so he can watch Sex
  • There rivals are Sumo's


日清 太麺堂々CM「ショッカー」篇30秒Ver-0

日清 太麺堂々CM「ショッカー」篇30秒Ver-0

There Commercial... The Fat one is the Leader

There Music in the Background is Renai Revolution 21 (Love Revolution 21). This is for anyone who needs the music from the background.