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Sentinel Task Force is a Tier One international coalition of Special Forces operatives formed by the United States of America in response to the attacks from the KVA. However, the rise of the Atlas Corporation causes them to shift their focus on to them to observe and investigate what the company is up to. If one preorders Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and redeems their code on their receipt, they can get the Sentinel Task Force patch and Camouflage on Call of Duty: Ghosts and the Camouflage and three reticles with one of them being the Task Force emblem on Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Sometime after the KVA launched a April 28, 2055 Terrorist Attacks|worldwide attack on nuclear power stations, the task force was created. They quickly shifted their focus from the KVA to the Atlas Corporation following their rise to power. A group of Sentinel operatives led by Cormack assisted Jack Mitchell and Ilona after they discovered Irons' own corruption, causing their Utopia|subsequent defection from Atlas.

After Sentinel (mission)|infiltrating Irons' personal mansion in Bangkok, Thailand, they uncover Atlas developing something codenamed "Manticore." Sentinel places a tracking device on an aircraft about to leave Irons' estate and Crash (Advanced Warfare)|tracks it to Antarctica, where they take the aircraft down and engage Atlas forces. After suffering heavy casualties, they manage to steal a sample and escape. After Collapse|saving part of the U.S. Third Fleet during Atlas' preemptive strike against the United States, the task force is mostly destroyed during Throttle|the assault on New Baghdad. After Captured|escaping an Atlas prison camp, while Cormack succumbs to his wounds from Irons, Mitchell, Ilona, and Gideon mount a Terminus|final attack against Irons and manage to kill him.

Notable Members

  • Kingpin
  • Cormack (K.I.A.)
  • Knox (K.I.A.)
  • Guardian 5 (K.I.A)
  • Jack Mitchell
  • Ilona
  • Gideon
  • Saint

Vehicles, Weapons and Equipment


Assault Rifles

  • Bal-27
  • HBRa3

Submachine Guns

  • KF5
  • ASMF
  • AMR9

Sniper Rifles

  • MORS in Collapse and armada


  • S-12 (in "Collapse")

Heavy Weapons








  • According to the cutscene in "Sentinel", the Sentinel Task Force was formed some time in either 2055 or 2056.
  • Cormack is the multiplayer announcer for the Sentinel Task Force.

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