"LIKE SONIC!"- Stop Hating on Sonic

"FRICKS!"- Most rant videos

"i'm 15!"- Stop Denying my Age

Sammy Harbors
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Sammy Harbors

Sammy Harbors (Known as SammyClassicSonicFan) is a 15 Year old raging Kid who is an Internet Phenomenon. He is popular for the Term "FRICKS"!


Sammy was born at 1998 of Halloween. He was popular for Stop hating on Sonic. He is seen wearing a Red longsleeve and Black Sweatpants according to rants against the Sonci Fanbase you guys Ruined Sonic. He used to have the Mario Backpack until he got the Fire Mario backpack


Soic, Mario, Daisy, Yellow Yoshi, Shadow, Finn the Human, Bowser, Tails, Pokemon


Trolls, Fricks, Haters of Sonic, Eggman, Haters of Mario, Supporters of Sonic Adventures 3, Supporters of Sonic 06 2


  • Most YouTube Poops
  • SammyClassicSonicFan Adventures


SammyClassicSonicFan Adventures

He goes on aquest looking for an "Ultra Rare" Fire Mario Backpack. He had to go through Playtime Plains, Willow Woods, then he found it underground.

SammyClassicSonicFan Adventures 2- Who's that Impostor? 

Sammy goes on another quest until a Fake account of him was shown on the Top results. So he goes on a Quest to battle his Imposter. But he gets Locked out of the Base. Se he found Three Triangles and put them as a Triforce. He then found out his Imposter was his Doppleganger.


  • RyanYTP, TylerYTP, Green ProDuctions Universe, iDuckFilms, BigEyedLuigi and others has been seen with a SammyClassicSonicFanYTP


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