Oishi kawaii demon slayer by toppops-d5j73wi

Oishi Kawaii

Oishi Kawaii
is the Main Protagonist of the series Oishi Kawaii High school battle. For some reasons, People say that she is in love with a User. She was Born on January 1, 1996. She is prettu mush a Slut


Oishi Kawaii is a Slut from Oishi Kawaii HighSchool Battle.


Sky ,Boomboxer, Rosie, Elvira, Pen, Ice Cream, Hatsune Miku, Haruhi Suzimiya, Elvira, Trip, Yusuf Sabir


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  • Due to her Overration on GoAnimate, Green ProDuctions hates her
  • Yusuf Sabir was the one who Sockpuppeted Oishi


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