Magic and Dragons 7 is the Longest Magic and Dragons Movie approximatley 5 Hours. it Will be released in Summer 2015.
Magic and Dragons 7

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Chapter 1: The Mountain

        The Heroes climbs the Mountains of Burp and thinks they made it to the top, but a Strange voice comes and reveals it was Mr Burns. Mr burns tell them that he wasn't dead and turns to a Robot. Then Da Spoofah's freezes the Other Heroes but Green Grabs Homer and the Bob Units. Then they go to a Mysterious House, but was the Bob Unit's Great 15x uncle, Alfonse. Alfonse was working on Mechanics (robots, Cars, Fixing Thomas, ETC). Then they see Thomas the Train on Repair. So after Thomas was Fixed, he told that Mr Burns was trying to steal the Dragon Sword to take over the World.

Chapter 2: Alfonse's Workshop

       Green ProDuctions, Bob Unit 1, Homer Simpson, and the other Bob Units, and Thomas were on a Table playing Poker


  • This movie will be 5 Hours, 1 Minute, and 42 Seconds
  • Mr Burn's Robot was General Cryptor from Ninjago
  • This is the 1st Movie to be splited into Chapters