Magic and Dragons is a Series planned at November 27, 2013. The Movie right now, has a ton of updates regading to the Movies


These were the updautes of the Movie Series

Date Update Characters Added Characters Dropped
November 27, 2013 The Magic and Dragons was Created Green ProDUctions, Homer simpson, Gumball, Darwin, Thomas, Percy, Finn, Jake,Mario, Luigi, Phineas, Ferb, Mr Burns, Felix (Engine), Diesel 10 N/A
December 4, 2013 Magic and Dragons was moved at April 4, 2014 ???

Felix (Engine: He is actually remodelled and brung back at 12/22/14)

January 10, 2014 We comfirmed that there will be more Magic and Dragons Bob Unit 1, 2,3,4, and 5 N/A
April 4, 2014 It was Delayed at May 25, 2014 Pingu, Felix The Cat,Peter, Chris, Brian, Stewie (Pingu and felix dropped later)
June 13, 2014 The series has Been Planned Rosalina, Toad (Although Toad was going to be in the 1st Movie, but moved to the 2nd) Finn, Jake
September 12, 2014 The movie was planned at December, 12, 2014 Pumkin, Laval, Cragger, Bravenwolf, Tributon, Valorn, Lydendor, Dromus, Villius (all dropped later on)
November 19,2014 The Magic and Dragons will have a Logo and Cover Peashooter, Baymax, Hiro, Yokai
November 19, 2014 There were 3 Specials Created N/A N/A
December 3, 2014 the movie is released this month at a Friday N/A N/A
December 22, 2014 Due to the Time constrainment, The Movie is now Computer Animated instead of Lego Stop Motions The Shadow Army N/A
October 4th 2015 Movie set to release Late November (or until we get a Trackmaster James) Wolf Man, Felix (Engine; Returned) Gumball, Darwin, Mr Brown, Felix the Cat
March 2016 Trailer was made, this time with the Arlesdale branchline, Emily, James, and Toby N/A N/A
April 28, 2016 Trackmaster James, Toby, Emily, Redesign Thomas Redesign Talking Percy, and Mike, was bought from the store (not nessesary to talk about) and Release date is around December 2016 (time constrainment) Gumball, Darwin, Mr Brown, Finn, Jake, Ice King (all reintroduced) N/A

List of Movies

Series 1

Movie Description main Villan Minutes
Magic and Dragons 1, The Adventures Begin Mr Burns travel's back to 2013 to take over the World Mr Burns 1 Hour
Magic and Dragons 2, The Adventures Continue After Mr Burns Dies, The Heroes goes back 4000 Years Ago and Stops Ice King Ice King 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Magic and Dragons 3, The Dragon Legacy Bowser interupts the Village to eat Mario diesel 10 (if not, then Jinty will take the roll, but if not nessesary, then a fan character will take the roll) 1 Hour 25 Minutes
Magic and Dragons 4, The Frozen Sword The frozen Dragon sword was buried to the underground at all costs Mr Brown 1 Hour 10 Minutes
TBA MAgic and Dragons 5 Da Spoofah's 3 Hours
TBA MAgic and Dragons 6 2 Hours
Magic and Dragons 7, The Winter Legacy Mr Burns has Return to take Revengo on Green ProDuctions and Homer Simpson Mr Burns, Smithers 5 Hours
Magic and Dragons 8, The Final Battle PT1 All 3 Hours
Magic and Dragons 9, The Final Battle PT 2 All 3 Hours


Movie Airdate Villans Minutes
Magic and Dragons: The Tanksgiving Legacy 11/28/14 Kaos 45 Minutes
Magic and Dragons: The Christmas Legacy 12/19/14 TBA 1 Hour
Magic and Dragons: The Lost Episode TBA May Mr Burns 15 Minutes