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This page is meant to inform all users and editors of the Green ProDuctions Wiki's image policies, including the rules on photo spamming. The Green ProDuctions Wiki administrations asks that you please adhere to these rules as a failure to comply will result in a block and, in more severe cases, a ban.


We all want photo's in this wiki, but we have Rules. Naming the File is hard also.

Naming Files

When uploading an image, use a name that makes sense. Poorly named files can be mistaken as spam, so please make sure pictures are named clearly and relevantly. Here are examples of correctly-named ones:

  • Kirby.jpg
  • Luigi.png
  • Ludwig.gif

Poor examples:

  • Whats 9+10?.jpg
  • 847y9874y5qe.png
  • 0123945876.gif

Also, when naming images, please don't include the number of pixels the image has on the filename. For example, "300px-Stocking.jpg". In that case, "300px-" should be omitted and the filename must become "Stocking.jpg". If an image with that kind of filename is found, it will be renamed and a warning will be sent to its uploader. If there is no response and more files are uploaded with similar names, the images will be deleted and you will be alerted to upload a different version with a proper filename.

Photo Spam

Due to a common issue with adding photos, the GPD Wiki has put rules in place to prevent further problems. The Green ProDuctions Wiki administration asks that you refrain from adding almost every single frame of a scene and space out your pictures based on how long the video is. Please do not add blurry pictures of characters moving quickly and do not post pictures nearly a second apart. Such pictures are considered irrelevant and below the GPD wiki picture quality standards and will be removed. Failure to comply to this rule will be met with penalties and repeated violations will result in a block or, worst case scenario, a ban.

Acceptable Photos