Here are the editing rules. 

Remember to read the Rules!


You can edit if you know what is correct. People who choose to place fake info, replace or add content with gibberish (You are Grounded for 9506950695060565069506950695069501337) will have their account suspended for a total of 3 days. Users who choose to ignore any warnings and keep doing such actions, despite being blocked before, will be blocked for a longer amount of time until they are blocked permanently. Please try to talk it out with other users in a peaceful manner if you do think that any edit that you have made is correct, but another user(s) keeps on undoing it, instead of going into an "editing war" with them


Vandalism is a edit where you just put false information into pages, or putting random stuff or Deleting everything. If that is caused, you Are blocked for 3 days, but if this keeps going on, you are blocked longer until permanent block.


These nonsense no one can't take. Here is some example: ruighdfikglhdlafdhgjkdshdsioutyuoifhdgldhgusdhgsdjfhdufidhfadjfhdouifrhye8iu1337fdilkfhdlkfhdfkdh. You will be Blocked for 1 Week, if this continues, you will be Blocked until Permanent.


Spamming is where you repeat something.

One final Note

Remember these rules!