This is a Rule of Blocking Users.

How to Block

When Blocking a Person make sure you have the Reason

  • Don't just Block someone for No Reason
  • Don't Block them on a Random Date
  • Make sure to prevent them making Email Adresses so they won't spam the Wiki.

Before we Block someone, You have to Report to us why are they Doing the bad thing

  • Admins, you can also block someone for Alternate Accounts.
  • Make sure their I.P Adresses are Blocked also so they won't Vandalize the wiki, They can be Blocked for Sockpuppetry.


You have Strikes when Admins Block Someone

  • Vandalism/Spam/Trolling-
    1. Warning
    2. 1 Day
    3. 3 Days
    4. 5 Days
    5. a Week
    6. a Month
    7. 3 Months
    8. 6 Months
    9. Infinite
  • Bad Usernames
  1. Infinie
  • Bad Pictures
  1. Warning
  2. Warning
  3. 3 Weeks
  4. Infinite

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