Jose Maldonado
Jose mad
Jose Maldonado
making MS Paint Movies when After effects exists

Jose Maldonado appears to a MS Paint character who gone to some "epic" adventures


Jose appears to be made out of MS Paint and has alot of retarded fans. He wears a Yellow Shirt and Blue pants and black Shoes.


  • Jose Maldonado 3: The Meltdown
  • Jose Maldonado 2
  • Jose Maldonado JBusters
  • Jose Maldonado 69


Although there are a bunch of fans of Jose Maldonado, some people would say it's a fraud and it is terrible.


  • He has 254 subscribers and is a Fan of Luan Loud from  The Loud House
  • Most of his movies are just audio replacements.
  • Apparently, he makes Linus from Charlie Brown a villan when Linus didn't do nothing bad, except loving his blanket.
  • Apparently, he claimed that his movies existed back in 1962 when it was clearly made in 2015.
  • Jose steals content from other movies, so he would get sued by:
    • Paramount
    • Viacom (duh)
  • Apparently, his movies make foodfight and little panda fighter look like Lord of the rings and The Hobbit.

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