Horrid Henry is a boy who likes to play pranks or fuck other people's hoes


Rude Ralph, Beefy Bert, A.K.E.E, Asparagus, Aerobic Al, Stocking Anarchy, Star Butterfly, Henry, Percy, other Green Tank Engines, Frollo, 


Moody Margaret, NKPower, Gr33n ProDuctions Universe, Panty Anarchy, Kirito, Asuna, His Parents, Perfect Peter (Worm), Miss Battle Axe, Marco Diaz, Thomas, Edward, other Blue Tank engines, That guy who moves his head

Super Smash Bros L4wl

Despite being a character in the game, Henry has a stage called: Henry's Bedroom. 


Moveset Up Neutral Down Side
Level 1 Root a Toots The Purple Hand- 5% damage Transformation Water Gun
Level 2 TBA The Purple Hand Gang- 15% damage Mutation Water Zapper
Level 3 TBA The Purple Hand Army- 205 damage King Henry Waves

How to Unlock- Clear Classic mode on Very Hard or intense

List of Girlfriends

Henry had a ton of girlfriends, but all of them divorced

Panty Anarchy

Reason of Divorce: He raped Stocking

Star Butterfly

Reason of Divorce: TBA


Marco Diaz

He and Marco seem's to be rivals due to the fact that they both love Star Butterfly. She went out with Horny for one day, but broke up because Henry decided to date Asuna, but they broke up because Ralph found out, so Henry decided to be gay with Ralph


  • On one of Gr33n's YTP's (wich play's Trap Queen 1738), he appears to tell "Perfect" Peter that he will come to his house and fuck his hoe (which appears to be Stocking Anarchy).
  • Horrid is perferred as Horny, Henny, Hurrid, etc.

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