Green ProDuctions Prison is a Prison for Bad people to be in. If they were misbehaving, They get Sent ti Siberia, Russia.


SouthParkSatanFan2015 VGCP

He is sent to prison for being a Pervert to women by Looking at girls butts and Boobs. He also Vandalized this wiki because he thought i was inactive. He even got expelled for looking at Girls Boobs. He even calls people: AH (user)!.

KeybirdComedian Vevo2015

She is sent to Prison for fake accounts.

Josh Davidson

He is sent for Vandalism on this wiki. He insulted Green ProDuctions and made videos out of him

Jonnarzi Studios

He is sent for Taking by Bluetooth for an invalid reason

OishiKawaiiiscutie VGCP

He is sent for having sex in GoAnimate... oh, he also made Videos out of Green ProDuctions


there were no Graduates


  • There is going to be having 55 Prisoners

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