Green 3 is a prick


Green 3
is a dick to everyone cause he does nothing, but disrespects opinions over people who like Green ProDuctions Universe. He is part of Ben Naybour's army to hack into Green ProDuctions Universe's account, just to make a video about him saying sorry to all Alvin Hung haters. 


Green 3 is a Selfish, and rasist 11 or 12 year old kid who hates charity. He joined YouTube 2015, only to rage at Green for ripping him off and making a Grounded Video out of Sky and Boomboxer. Not much to say about him.


ACE987657 (sometimes), GSFTW ODFTL, Ultra Thomas 89, Jon Hendrickson, Elvira Loopsy


Green ProDuctions Universe, MikeTheKoopaWarrior, PaperKing99, NotSmirks, Sinn3d Tragedy, Drew C, FanGuy123, Max Corpus, Lord Pluto, Momogowi, Bubsy, Captain Jon Productions, EmperorLemon


  • He's and actual evil clone of Green ProDuctions Universe
  • He possibly hates PaperKing99 and Moon Productions as of both of them hates GSFTW ODFTL

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