"You are Grounded for life! >:("- some typical GoFag

GoAnimators are a term that's used for people who uses GoAnimate


They 1st started in 2014 when some faggot decided to make User videos onto other users, and then a war started. It faded in 2015 since sime realist decided to tell everyone to respect opinions


  • You are Grounded 60x for Life!
  • Drink Bleach you Fag!
  • I want a Thomas!
  • You are Grounded Grounded for 3287546940084783447543920847638294576438984765438298475678394857684390487584934875489302487583904875684938574832093847832903874382903847583920487584309487658498576584938764839287ty7893764537287465782983764537287346789374389347637897478397467389748374638746738467381337 years!
  • "respect Opinions"

Known GoAnimate users

  • Ceo100able- 82K subs
  • Officerpoop247- known for having the most cringiest Intro ever
  • African Vulture- known for flaging a video from Pyrocinical and making Caillou videos
  • Kairamen- known for being a realist
  • Trent Morrison- known for his pedophilia on DeviantArt and ruining shows like Thomas and Sausage Party


  • They just drag and Drop. Use Adobe Flash or something
  • technically, they just steal jokes and uses them for YTP's.
  • Most likely, ALL of them has done a sin.