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GoAnimate (or Go!Animate) is one of the World's worst Websites ever! It was invented by Stupid people who coudn't think.


GoAnimate was made in 2007.

User Videos

User Videos is where they use Bandicam and copythe Video from he Rightful Owner. They use a good/Bad User to make a Goo/Bad User to do something/Burn in hell/Make thm something/Worst ornings or anything bad/Cruel.

On Green ProDuctions

Since everyone hates the darkest GoAnimate Villan, They have made User Videos

  • GeneralMandible- 6
  • Taylor the Hayniac- 1.5
  • Brian Noller- 3.5
  • OishiKawaiiisCutie2015 VGCP- 1
  • Drake Yin- 1
  • Jonarzzi Studios- 6

 Grounded Videos

You Are Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded... for life!

Grounded Videos invole with a Person doing something they weren't supposed to. So they Do that Thing, then Their Parents come up and Grounds them for a Off Limit Year (Like Example: 73438945483987658375884754839845495864768589484920223939393399391337 years). So they invite Baby Show Characters and Give them Punishments like Forced to watch Baby Shows.

They then got popular and Thousands are made a Day.

Character Elimination

Vote who gets to go home!

Character Elimination is a awesome, and well made show Made by Alex Kimble. It involves Groups of People in it. Then the Users vote who gets Eliminated which they Eliminate the baby Show Characters. They Include Battle For Dream Island Characters, Total Drama Island Characters, Baby/Non Baby Show Characters and Users. Whoever gets voted the Most gets Shipped away, Launched away or Drown.

Examles of who would get eliminated/Prize

  • Eliminate: Percy Prize: Clarence
  • Eliminate: Oswald Prize: Sora


Rants are something that Users do. They Rant on Baby, and Worst shows like:

  • Thomas and Friends
  • Dora
  • Barney
  • Caillou
  • Noddy
  • Tree Fu Tom
  • Mike the Knight
  • Curious Buddies
  • Action 52.
  • Sesame Street
  • Sofia the First


  • GoAnimate Got popular at September 2013 after RobertCoatesAnimations/LouieLouie95's Grounded Videos
  • There possibe Mascot is Eric
  • GoAnimate is Based on Alvin Hung's wife story teller
  • They don't now about The Hunchback of Notre Dame