Garterbelt's Guidance is a Codec from Super Smash Bros X

Bob Units

  • Stocking: Who's this?
  • Garterbelt: Thats Bob Unit 1 (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5) the Main Character of the Bob Units Series, and created by Green ProDuctions.
  • Panty: Who's That Greeny Guy?
  • Garterbelt: The Creator
  • Briefers: I would like one
  • Garterbelt: He's not even Food!
  • Green ProDuctions: And who says i was Food?


  • Panty: Wow, a Big Turtle
  • Garterbelt: Thats Bowser, the King of Koopa's and has his Own Children
  • Stocking: He's Powerful!

Bowser Jr

  • Garterbelt: Here is Bowser Jr!!
  • Stocking: Why is he Named that?
  • Panty: Maybe he is the Junior Bowser!


  • Garterbelt: Here is the Koopalings!
  • Panty: There is no way in Hell those are Bowser's Children!
  • Morton: Hehehe! I'm a Wockstar!
  • Larry: I doody in my Pants!
  • Ludwig: but
  • Iggy (Gibberish noises)
  • Wendy: I Like Money!
  • Lemmy: why are we doing this?
  • Stocking: can we get them out?

Captain Falcon

Chef Pee Pee

  • Panty: Who is that Black Chef?
  • Garterbelt: That's Chef Pee Pee
  • Stocking: Does He Pee on the Toilet while cooking?
  • Chef Pee Pee: No i Do not!
  • Panty: How did you Get Here?
  • Chef Pee Pee: I'm in front of You!
  • Briefers: How are you Fighting? Can i have a Happy Meal?
  • Chef Pee Pee: No you cannot!

Chibi Robo

  • Panty: A Toy Robot!
  • Stocking: Can we Keep It?
  • Garterbelt: No
  • Panty: why Not?
  • Garterbelt: Because he is a Forbiddable foe!
  • Stocking: Can we just take his Batteries and replace it with New ones?
  • Panty: Thats Not going to help

Diddy kong

Donkey Kong

Dr. Mario

  • Briefers: is that Mario?
  • Garterbelt: How did you Know?
  • Stocking: From the Frollo Show, Mama Luigi
  • Panty: But thats a Doctor
  • Dr Mario: You are right. Keep your Panties on!

Duck Hunt

  • Panty: Its a Dog!


Felix the Cat


  • Stocking: Hey master Frollo*
  • Frollo: Hello Stocking*
  • Garterbelt: How do you Know Him?*
  • Frollo: You Black Man! from my Show called The Frollo Show!*
  • Morton: I'm a Wockstar!

Green ProDuctions

  • Stocking: Theres that Green ProDuctions Guy!
  • Green ProDuctions: so what! I'm just a Fighter!
  • Garterbelt: Now there's the Guy i'm talking about!
  • Green ProDuctions: Let me guess, another Nintendo Roit.
  • Panty: How do you Know?
  • Green ProDuctions: Keep your Panties on!

Gumball /Darwin Duo

  • Stocking: Nice to See you.. GUMBALL!
  • Panty: and your Fish Darwin!
  • Stocking: How can you rip Off our evolutuion?
  • Richard: Hey Young ladies!
  • Panty: WHAT DA F!CK!
  • Stocking: A Talking Rabbit!
  • Darwin: Thats Our Father!
  • Gumball: and he Knows whats 9+10!
  • Richard: 21.


King Dedede

  • Panty: It's King dedede!
  • Garterbelt: How do you know him?
  • Stocking: He was Being a Perv to Us!
  • Escargoon: No he wasn't!
  • Panty: Shut up Escargoon!
  • Escargoon: You Shut up!


  • Garterbelt: Mmmmmm. I am Hungry!
  • Stocking: Who is that?
  • Panty: I wanna eat him!
  • Garterbelt: oh, thats Kirby!
  • Stocking: what Can he Do?
  • Tiff: He can Swallow Stuff and turn to that Ability!
  • Meta Knight: Be careful!
  • Tuff: He can swallow You!
  • Stocking: Will he turn to other Colors?
  • Tiff: Depends!


  • Kneesocks: Its the 2 Anarchy Sisters! get em!
  • Stocking: You get Out of this Game!
  • Morton: I'm a Wockstar!
  • Scanty: uh, Who's That?
  • Panty: That was Morton
  • Green ProDuctions: There is No way in hell the Demon Sisters are in the Game!
  • Scanty: Move along fatty
  • Mama Luigi: Thats mama Luigi to you Mario!


Little Mac



  • Stocking: Its Mario! I'm in love!
  • Panty: No, I Love him more than You!
  • Garterbelt: Quit Yappin! He's just a Plumber!
  • Stocking: But He's Handsome!
  • Rosalina :/
  • Luma: Mario's been Married!
  • Stocking: Shut up Pillow!
  • Bowser: No, he did got married!


Mega Man

Meta Knight

  • Stocking: Greetings Meta Knight
  • Meta Knight: Greetings Stocking. Have you trained for the Biggest fight yet?
  • Stocking: Hmmmmm...
  • Meta Knight: I'm Pretty Sure you Did!
  • Stocking: yes. I have, with Garterbelt
  • Garterbelt: hey Meta Knight!
  • Meta Knight: Hello Garterbelt, I am Stocking's Sensei

Mr Game and Watch



Postman Pat

  • Panty: Mr Mailman!