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GSFTW ODFTL (Or Ben Jack Naybour)
is an 11 year old idiot who tries to hack into Green ProDuctions's account, just to upload a stupid video about Green saluting on Ben. He is a full troll on October 23, 2015


GSFTW ODFTL started YouTube back in 2008 as Naybour2000. In 2015, he started becoming asshurted and disrespects opinions on Alvin Hung Haters.

Anti-Clubs he made out of

He thinks that Anti Clubs are good, but ther aren't. Anti Clubs can cause him to be terminated on YouTube

  • Green ProDuctions Universe
  • Drew C
  • Nnez N
  • MikeTheKoopaWarrior
  • PaperKing99
  • Conair13
  • Sheldon Borneo
  • Moon Productions


  • HGH2
    Although he hates Disrespecing opinions, he is an Opinion Disrespector (look at comment for proof).
  • He thinks he is santa, but anyone who had a different opinion than him will get Coal for Christmas
  • He can get arrested for hacking into Green's account, cause Green can call the cops

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