This is about the Movie. See the Game: Epic Gumball (Game) Epic Gumball is a 2016 Fantasy Film by Green ProDuctions Universe

The Story


             At the Beginning of the Film, it shows all around Elmore and how Happy it is. Then goes to Gumball, Darwin, And Penny's Part where they hang out Outside. Until Juge Claude Frollo Comes and looks for Gypsies around town. There weren't Gypsies so he sent his Army around town until they found the 3 Kids outside. Frollo said that they were Gypsies so he went looking for his Family to tell them to get their Gypsy Kids out of the Streets or he has to Burn Down All of Elmore. So Everyone (But Gumball, Darwin, and Penny) was Captured an left to Notre Dame. 2 Weeks Later Gumball, Darwin, and Penny went to a Cafe in Notre Dame and Found the Green and Red ProDuctions. Since they met, they Left to go to the Fantasy World.

The Beginning

           After all Gumball'sFriends has Came. Frollo announced that All Shadow's has tooken the whole Town and That Gypsies are in Jails. So everyone went to Groups of 4.


  • Gumball- The Main Character
  • Darwin- One of the 6 Protagonist
  • Penny- One of the 6 Protagonist
  • Green ProDuctions- One of the Sorcerors and the 6 Protagonist
  • Red- One of the 6 Protagonist
  • Felix the Cat- One of the 6 Protagonist
  • kirby- One of the Swordsman
  • Meta Knight- The Epic Swords Man
  • Thomas the Train
  • Judge Claude Frollo
  • SnapShot the Crocagator