Engine Knights are Engines who are old and is out of use


Red Engine Knight (Nate)

  • Basis: 4-6-2T
  • Trackmaster Design base off: Connor
  • Number: 1

Nate is a Big engine who was always Shunting Trucks. He has Hiro's Face

Green Engine Knight (Chad)

  • Basis: 4-4-0T
  • Trackmaster Desighn Base off: Edward
  • Number: 2

Chad is a Big engine who Takes the Passengers anywhere. He has no Face and owns 2 Green Coaches.

Blue Engine Knight (Lloyd)

  • Basis: 2-8-2T
  • Trackmaster Base off: Hiro
  • Number: 3

Lloyd is the Runaway engine of the Movie: Sodor's Legends of the Blue Engine. He still has the Same face as Hiro. He ran away from his Gang cause he accidently left a house on fire when he was supposed to get Water.

The Purple Knight Twins (Earny and Kearny)

  • Basis: 0-6-0T
  • Trackmaster base off: Donald/Douglas
  • Number: 4/5

Earny and Kearny are Twin Engines. They will have Bill and Ben's faces

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