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Elvira Loopsy (or Ellie Stevenson or KiraKiraPopPrincess Fan) is a huge troll to Trent Morrison. She caused a crisis against Trent and like 80-85 percent started hating Trent. On December 23, 2015 , She found about this page and raged like a huge baby. That caused Sheldon to hate Green these days. 


Ellie Steveneson, age 16 is an overrated user liked by almost everyone (and most of them have a crush on her). She is a huge troll cause she disrespected opinions on Trent and Green ProDuctions

Green made a video about her dancing to Trap Queen/1738


Kid Icarus, Kira Kira Pop, Thomas the Train, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Pokemon, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, Splatoon, Total Drama


Dark Pit, Jack's big msuic Show, Georgia, Sally, Green ProDuctions Universe

Proofs that she is a troll

  • She says she is an opinion respector, but she disrespected Green's opinion on Dark Pit, and Kira Kira Pop Princess
  • She, Sheldon, and Conor started a crisis against Trent to make Trent stop making user fetish, causing them to start a Crisis
  • She claims to be innocent, but she isn't. 

Proofs that She is overrated

  • Almost the whole community likes her (Green ProDuctions Universe, PaperKing99, Brendan Barney, SiNN3D Tragedy, etc. hates her)
  • Almost everyone thinks that William and Elly are a cute couple, which caused Sonic x Sally to be Underrated

Controversy against Green ProDuctions Universe

  • Green ProDuctions Universe started calling her overrated due to the fact that almost the whole community likes her.
  • She is against Green for supporting Trent, formerly, Until Green gave up
  • She cried like a baby that Green called her overrated


  • Apparently, Trent, Green, and TheCollosalD are not on Ellie's side
    • Supposingly, CollosalD thinks that Ellie is taking this too far
    • Green couldn't stand Ellie's psycho act
    • and Trent was the one being betrayed
  • She's a huge crybaby
  • PaperKing99 and NKPower hates her, due to the fact that Elly rages too much