Edward and the Judge is the Second episode of Tomy Trackmaster T&F


Part 1

      Edward wakes up from Tidmouth Sheds and Edward was told to go to Notre Dame by Sir Topham Hatt. Edward Passs Jack Woods and Jack comes by and Tells him not to go to Notre Dame, There is a Evil engine who Killed one of his Henchmans cause he couldn't work Right. Edward goes there and meets Captain Pheobus (who will be made out of a Thomas Painted Gold and Blue Stripes with Blue Wheels). Pheobus tells Edward to go to Frollo's Castle. At Frollo's Castle, Frollo ask Edward if he was Thomas. Edward said he was Edward, Frollo gets Mad and Chases Him around Sodor.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Frollo
  • Pheobus


Edward and The Judge/Transcript


  • Hellfire- The Part where Frollo threatens to kill Junior


  • TBA

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