Donald and Douglas

Donald CGI


Douglas CGI

Donald and Douglas
Donald (9), Douglas (10)

Donald and Douglas are Twin Scottish Engines numbered 9 and 10


Donald and Douglas (formely 57646 and 57647) were Blue engines, Until Donald was Painted Black to find out who is Donald and Douglas. Now, they became Numbers 9 and 10.

Sodor's Legends of the Blue Engine

Donald and Douglas appears helping Gordon with the Garbage. Donald Tells Gordon about Cheese in Scottland. Douglas Tells Gordon about Scottland. Gordon tells them why he hated McDonalds. They then got Transfered to carrying Red Coaches for talking about Cheese.

Their other role was Arguing with Bowser Jr about who's the Best engines of Sodor. Junior loses the Arguement cause his Mac n Cheese was ready.


  • Their original Numbers were a Joke. Their 812 class can only go up to 57645


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