"What did i Watch?"

Boomboxer is Gay
Super Paper Mario
Joining ISIS

        "Boomboxer" is an Enemy found in Super Paper Mario and Thomas the Tank: The RPG. He's also a Talking piece of Shit who likes to be a Pervert. He's also Rasist for saying the N Word the whole time.


Boomboxer is a Talking piece of Crap. He has a Crush on Sky, but he failed marrying her cause Marrying a Piece of crap is Stupid. He had Purple ears, Yellow Body. BoomBoxer likes to fap also. 


Sky, Haruhi Suzimiya, Hatsune, Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, Mr Winkle, Robot Boy, Gumball  Darwin, Mordecai, Rigby, Finn, Jake, Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear, Clarence, Sumo, Jeff, Benson, Sanic, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, 5's, Yusuf Sabir, Devious Diesel


Dark Boomboxer, Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Skarloey, Rheneas, Falcon, Stuart, Rusty, Duncan, Freddie, Ivo Hugh, Duke, Smudger, Mario, Bowser Jr, Snoopy, Black Yoshi, Shrek, Lloyd, Bart, Kirby, Yoshi, Chef Pee Pee, Spoderman, Dolan Duk, Dedpol, Morky, gooby, Bogs, Weenee, Greg, Wirt, Star, Marco, SiNN3D Tagedy 98


Boomboxer appears as a Trackmaster-Plarail item... as a Barrel


  • Super Paper Mario
  • YTP- Brum goes Shoplifting



Boomboxer and Sky are in Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove. But, Boomboxer can't propose to Sky cause Sky was Shot by Snoopy, Then he was Ressurected from the dead


Both of them are Rivals. They fought inside of Sky's House when Dark Beepboxer tied up Sky.


  • There is Beepboxer, BlastBoxer,SkyBoxer, and Dark Boomboxer
  • He is part of the Al Qaedanimate
  • Deviousdiesefan1999 VGCP likes him cause of L Ryan
  • He, Sky, and Robotboy are the 3 Musketeers

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