Bob Unit 3 is the 4th tallest Bob Unit and the richest of the 5 Bob units
Bob Unit 3


Bob unit 3 is sometimes a Digger of the Family. He is sometimes Rasist and towards looking for a Airtech Laptop. 


His Alphabet teached kids how to be like a Doof

Letter Word
A Articulation
B Blashemy
C Cookies
D Dummies
E Eagles
F Forks (Although Tyke said it was %$#&)


Bob Unit 3 and 4's Evolution is where they get that circle thing on their head. They climb on a Pole and throw Arrows at the enemy.


  • According to his Bank Account, he had 21B Dollars, due to that he is getting 1 Million a Week from his French Cousin.
  • His Birthday was Supposed to be on the End of the world, but was False, cause we re still alive.