Bob Unit 1
Bob Unit 1

Bob Unit 1

Bob Unit 1
Created By:
Green ProDuctions
October 10, 2002
At School, October 10, 2013
Original Name:

Bob unit 1 (ボブユニット1 in Japanese)is one of the Original Characters made by Green ProDuctions and is a Protagonist. 


Bob Unit 1 is a Intelligent Tubby and the 2nd Smatrest of All


Bob Unit 2 , Bob Unit 3 , Bob Unit 4 , Bob Unit 5 , Bob Unit 649 , Green ProDuctions , Shrek , Woody , Mr Incredibles , Thomas, James, Gordon, Rex, Bert, Mike


Diesel 10


Bob Units

Bob Unit 2

He and Bob Unit 2 are the Hard working twins in the house. He and Bob Unit 2 appears to be Mechanics in the House by Fixing:

  • Trains
    • Hiro
    • Bert
    • Smudger
    • Daisy
  • Airplanes
  • Cars
  • Bowser Jr's Dinosaur

Bob Unit 3

He and Bob Unit 3 are the Fast eaters of the House by finishing their Food and Throwing the Plate to the Water


He said that Shrek was Gaaaaaaaay when he had Sex with Woody


  • He appeared in the GoAnimate V2 Wiki
  • In Magic Felix the Movie, He revealed to be Irish and Vietnamese, but is really Irish by his Dad's Herritage, he is Vietnamese by his Mom's Herritage
  • He is the Only Bob Unit not to be in Sports because His Mother Made him do Chores