Billy Mays selling OxiClean.

Billy Mays is the guy who shouts on TV. Reports of his death are greatly exaggerated; he is currently hiding in the Andromeda galaxy, selling products to aliens. He has a strategic partnership with Anthony Sullivan and a rivalry with Vince.


  • OxiClean
  • Orange Clean
  • Orange Glo
  • Kaboom
  • Mighty Putty
  • Mighty Shine
  • Mighty Tape
  • Mighty Mendit
  • Hercules Hooks
  • Jupiter Jack
  • Big City Slider Station
  • Zorbees
  • Quick Chop
  • Gopher
  • AwesomeAuger
  • DC Snowboards
  • Impact Gel
  • Uncle Billy's Uncannily Well-Done Play Money
  • Toxic Cat Urine
  • Magic Fire
  • Magic Ice
  • Magic Water
  • Magic Wind
  • Magic Smoke
  • Magic Lava

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