BeemBexeh is the Weegee version of Boomboxer created by Green ProDuctions to destroy Boomboxer, Sky, and RobotBoy once and for all. He is friends with BeewBexeh, BelastBexeh, SwkyeBexeh, and RoebawtBoi. His girlfriend is Swkye. His frenemy is Dawk BeemBexeh. Other Weegboxers created by Green before him are Amakeeb (a Fortran doodle) and Boomboxe (a kart fighter).


These are also created by Green ProDuctions.


It is unknown who created these.


These are evil Weegees created by Green's evil clone Green 3.

  • An unknown dude whose username on Weegia is DaReelSamalleoZeroh2 and whose current username on GeeTube is Eiyayrohn Vidya Enfortranment

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