Anti-gravity is a fundamental game mechanic introduced in Mario Kart 8. When drivers are in anti-gravity mode, they can drive upside-down as well as on walls and various other surfaces. Additionally, drivers receive a speed boost whenever they bump into other drivers or designated obstacles. Drivers enter anti-gravity mode when they pass over blue panels in the road akin to Boost Pads. While driving in anti-gravity mode, the wheels of the player's vehicle turn so that they are on their sides. Every nitro course in the game butExcitebike Arena is given an anti-gravity section, likely to fully incorporate the new feature. However, only eight retro courses are given this feature:

Mario KArt 8

  • GBA Mario Circuit
  • N64 Toad's Turnpike
  • 3DS DK Jungle
  • DS Wario Stadium
  • GCN Sherbet Land
  • 3DS Piranha Plant Slide
  • N64 Rainbow Road
  • Wii Wario's Gold Mine (part of the first DLC pack)

If the player goes in the opposite direction than what they are meant to, the wheels will turn horizontal once they touch an anti-gravity section despite an anti-gravity strip not being present. This is because the Kart is programmed to avoid glitching by falling in anti-gravity sections. This applies to any course with anti-gravity where it is possible to drive backwards from a non-anti-gravity section into an anti-gravity section, such as Mario Circuit.

Mario Kart 9

Anti Gravity Returns again and Every Nitro Track has Anti-Gravity. But for the Retro, Only 8 of them Has:

  • DS Figure 8 Circuit
  • Wii U Mount Wario
  • N64 Wario Colloseum
  • Wii Moonview Highway
  • Wii U Toad Harbour
  • DS Shroom Ridge
  • Wii U Twisted Mansion
  • 3DS Neo Bowser City